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Skate Events Directory

There are skating events across the world that keep people active and having fun on skates. Please see the following list of inline skating events in North America operating in 2019:

2019 Date:  Event Name (Location)
Jan 31 - Feb 3:  Skater Migration (Miami, FL)
April 18: Salt Lake City Marathon 10K Skate (Salt Lake City, UT)
April 29: Bear Creek Challenge (Houston, TX)
May 24 - 27: Skate DC Weekend (Washington, DC)
June 15:  Apostle Islands Inline Marathon (Madeline Island, WI)
June 21 - 23:  Skate of the Union (Chantilly, VA)
June 28 -30:  Philly Free Skate (Philadelphia, PA)
June 29:  Roll for the Roses (Roseville, MN)
June 29:  Connecticut Outdoor Challenge (Connecticut)
TBD:  Skate Boston (Boston, MA)
July 13:  Marathon Roller de Blainville (Montreal, QC)
July 21:  Chicagoland Inline Marathon (Chicago, IL)
August 1 - 4:  Big Apple Roll (NYC)
August 3:  Race for the Kids Inline (St. Paul, MN)
August 24:  Rollin' on the River (Grand Forks, ND)
August 24:  Park N Roll (Monroe Falls, OH)
No Date:  24 Hours Inline Montreal (Montreal, Canada)
Sept 13 - 14:  Northshore Inline Marathon (Duluth, MN)
Sept 28:  NYC Skate Marathon (Brooklyn, NY)
October 6:  Athens-to-Atlanta (Athens, GA)
October 20:  Saguaro Sunrise Skate (Tucsn, AZ)

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