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Step Two: Determine What You Will Spend

You can spend anywhere from $35 to $1000 on a pair of skates. In most cases, the more you pay, the better quality you will get. For typical recreational skating, however, you should expect to pay from $110-$170. In this range you will get a sturdy, quality skate that meets the basic needs of most skaters. A good rule of thumb: $150 skates are of much better quality than $50 skates. But $300 skates do not necessarily improve on quality; rather they will have more features and better wheels and bearings. If these features are desirable to you - and many of them enhance the skating experience - you may wish to consider them.

Inline skates are not complicated. They consist of relatively few parts. Once you understand the purpose of each part you will be better able to pick out the pair that suits your needs. You will also understand how upgrading certain parts will affect the price you pay.

Inexpensive skates are sometimes thought to be a good choice for kids. After all, no one wants to buy a youngster an expensive product only to have it gather dust after a few trips down the block. Yet no parent wants to dampen enthusiasm when the new skates break or function poorly. Inexpensive skates fit poorly, causing blisters. They have plastic wheels that wear quickly and provide less friction. Look for skates that can be expanded to accommodate a child's growth. Parents should assess their child's skill and interest levels and spend accordingly. 

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