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Step Nine: Buy Your Skates

Quality inline skates are sold by a variety of retailers. There are inline specialty stores that carry a very wide selection of brands, models and sizes. They usually have very knowledgeable sales staff to answer your questions and carry a wide range of specialty items, clothing, and components. They might even have a service department. Large sporting goods chains are also likely to have a good selection and frequently have helpful sales people. Mass marketers usually carry less expensive brands and will not usually have inline skate sales people.

An inline skate consumer should follow the same rules used to buy any other product. Know what you are buying, feel comfortable with the store and its staff, assure yourself that there will be after-sale help if needed, and get a fair price.

Should you purchase from an online retailer? If you are not used to purchasing inline skates or are unsure of your size, the answer is no. If you have purchased skates in the past, know which model you want, and know your foot size, then purchasing online can be a hassle-free and often inexpensive way to stop. Make sure you buy from a reputable dealer.

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