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About Us


Recreational & Fitness Skating Alliance of North America

Since the folding of the International Inline Skating Association in December 2004, there has been no organized structure for industry members of the recreational and fitness inline skating community in North America. This changed on September 16th, 2005 in Duluth, Minnesota when 32 industry members met to discuss the creation of a new industry alliance. The goal of the group was not to create a replacement for the IISA but to establish lines of communication that can lead to future improvements in the industry.

If you are already a member of this group, please enter the group pages including our list of participating members and directory of back newsletters. If you are not a member of this industry group, we welcome you if you are a:

  • skating instructor
  • skate school
  • skate club and team leader
  • National Skate Patrol leader
  • skating media
  • skating event manager
  • retailer
  • skating business
  • skating association

The alliance is free to join and comes with no obligations. To join the alliance, please send an email to contact at explaining your role in the industry. You will be added to our industry list, signed up for the industry newsletter, and sent an invitation to join our list serve.

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