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Learn and Improve

Inline skating is one of the safest sports around, with major injury rates lower than other common sports such as baseball and bicycling.  One reason for this is skaters often wear protective gear.  Another and equally important reason that reduces injury rates is that many skaters take a lesson before they start skating.

The reality is that skating is not very intuitive.  It is not natural to use the heel brake and most skaters do not automatically skate in an efficient manner.  Frankly, if you put time and money into purchasing skates you should also put a bit more into learning the sport properly.


Certified Instructors: The International Inline Skating Association created a professional instructor certification program called the Inline Certification Program (ICP).  As of January 2006, the instructor program is operated by the Skate Instructors Association.  All geographic areas outside North America are now handled by the Inline Certification Program.

Camp Rollerblade: Zephyr Inline Skate Tours has teamed with Rollerblade to create a series of Camp Rollerblade skate camps.  These camps are designed for adults or families (kids must be accompanied by an adult) and absolutely no experience is necessary.

Advanced Skaters

If you are an advanced skater and looking for help in improving your form, you have several options.  First, consider joining a skate club or racing team in your area.  Second, consider skating in a marathon and joining an online marathon training program.  Third, consider taking a clinic from a pro such as Eddy Matzger or Barry Publow.

Rules of the Road

Whether you are a beginner skater or an advanced skater, you should still remember to pay attention to the IISA's Rules of the Road for skaters.

Become a Certified Instructor

To become a Certified Skating Instructor in North America please contact the Skate Instructors Association.

Resources for Instructors

Tips and tricks on teaching kids

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