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Common Sense Approaches for Avoiding Skate Bans

A Letter to Skaters from Dave Cooper, former Government Relations Committee Member of the International Inline Skating Association

As more and more inliners take to the roads and paths of this great country, encounters between skaters and the civilians (any non-skater) become more likely. Cities, parks and educational institutions are taking a second look at inline skaters and asking whether they can abide by wheeled beings plying their pavement. In large measure, their decisions to give inliners the green light are formed by the image they have of the local skate talent. Here are ten common sense things you can do to get out in front of the restrictions in your community. By presenting the image of a sane and reasonable collection of carbon molecules you might avoid future unpleasantness:

1. Skate Smart - Build the image of the inline skater as a safety conscious individual.
2. Align With The Bicyclist - Bikers are pursuing a legitimate sport, let this rub off.
3. Sponsor Family Days - Any time Grandma and the kids do must be o.k.
4. Skate With Community Leaders - Most have always "wanted to try it". Educated them.
5. Offer The Law Enforcement Community Help - Extra eyes for the police, our friends.
6. Sponsor Safety Clinics - Who knows, you might even get paid.
7. Attend Regulatory Meetings (Traffic, City, School) - Wear your nice clothes.
8. Sponsor A School Program - Get the educators behind the movement.
9. Visit The Rental Shop - Help them have safe customers.
10. Police Yourself - Organize (or don't), but make sure skaters obey the right laws at the right times. 

Remember that the sport of inline skating is very cool, very fun and can be quite wacky, but as a role model for the beginner we all have a responsibility to execute our stranger and more dangerous maneuvers out of eye and camera shot. By all means, push the sport, make the best of your skate, but also Skate Smart, Skate Polite and, when appropriate, skate stealth.

Dave Cooper
International Inline Skating Association
Government Relations Committee

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