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The Dalles, OR Skate Ordinance

The city council of The Dalles passed an ordinance that equated inline skates and bicycles for purpose of transportation. This is a model ordinance because it gives skaters the rights of bicyclists, who are publicly accepted on city streets.

Section 11. Sleds or Skates on Streets 

The use of rollerskates or in-line skates shall be governed by
the provisions of the following subparagraph: 

Any person who uses rollerskates or in-line skates to travel upon
a public way or street, or upon a sidewalk, shall comply with
the rules and regulations for the operation of bicycles set forth
in ORS S14.410 to S14.440, and S14.480, as now constituted. A
violation of these statutory provisions shall be considered a
violation of the City of The Dalles Uniform Traffics Ordinance.


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