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Minneapolis, MN Skate Ordinance

This ordinance, like the one in Annapolis, makes it legal to skate in a prudent manner.  Section b) eliminates skating in areas that often experience damage from aggressive skaters.

Sec. 427.300: Rollerskating and skateboarding.

(a) No person shall ride or propel rollerskates or skateboards upon a public street, highway or sidewalk, except in a prudent and careful manner and unless such a person be capable of efficient control and such rollerskates are operated with reasonable regard to the safety of the operator and other persons upon the streets, sidewalks and other public highways of the city.
(b) No person shall ride or propel rollerskates or skateboards upon the Nicollet Mall, or any other public plaza-like area regulated by the City of Minneapolis or other governmental unit, except in connection with an exhibition, commercial venture, organized play or similar organized event authorized by permit from the city council pursuant to Section 440.20 of the Minneapolis Code of Ordinance or as authorized by the appropriate governmental unit.

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