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Certification Clinic

The National Skate Patrol Clinic is designed to train a group of volunteers to work together as a patrol to help provide a safe, fun environment for individuals using trails, participating in organized sporting events or group street skates.  This is normally used to start a new NSP chapter.

Local Coordinators are responsible for securing a location allowing for a half day classroom session with a TV/VCR and a half day outside training session on skates with a sheltered area available in case it rains.

The clinic consists of a morning classroom session and an afternoon practical session which is done on skates, followed by a written test. The clinic covers safety, teaching techniques, basic skills, trail awareness, setting up a patrol, and patrol structure. As a patroller, you become linked to all other National Skate Patrol chapters throughout the US and Canada. All participants of the clinic are expected to have a solid skating background and the ability to perform specific skating skills. Everyone involved in the clinic must wear full protective gear including a helmet, wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads and a heel brake. The participants should also have a friendly personality and a desire to volunteer their time to help better the community while supporting the sport of inline skating in an effort to avoid skating restrictions and bans.

If you are interested in starting a patrol, are interested in participating in an existing patrol, or have any additional questions please email


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