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Patroller Qualifications

To join the National Skate Patrol you must meet the following qualifications:

  • Skating Skills An intermediate level of skating ability and the endurance to skate 15 miles. Patrollers must be stable and confident skaters.

  • Age Requirement A minimum of 16 years of age required for insurance coverage.

  • Commitment to Safety Creating a safe environment for all skaters.

  • Teaching Skills A strong desire to teach the basics of beginning skating by helping others to learn in a fun environment.

  • Role Model Willing to promote actions that will help inspire skaters to skate responsibly including the pledge to wear full protective gear, including helmet, wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads and a heel brake while on duty for the National Skate Patrol.

  • Interpersonal Skills A friendly, outgoing personality and strong communication skills.

To become a patroller, you must successfully complete a National Skate Patrol Clinic. The clinic requires the candidate to have an overall passing score which includes a Written Test, Teaching Skills Practical, and Skating Skills Test. In addition to the endurance skill listed above, the skating skills include the following:

Required Skating Skills

* Proper demo of Ready Position
* Forward Skating (V-Walk & Stride I)
* Forward to Backward & Backward to Forward Transitions
* Backwards Skating
* Heel Stop
* Alternate Stop (ie. Spin Stop, T-Stop) 

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