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What is the National Skate Patrol?

Purpose of the National Skate Patrol

With the popularity of the sport of inline skating comes the need for park systems to allow skaters to better coexist with cyclists, pedestrians and other park users.  One method of accomplishing this is by establishing a National Skate Patrol Chapter. Inline skaters have proven effective in monitoring heavy use environments in an attempt to keep the shared paths safe for all users.

National Skate Patrol Mission Statement

The purpose of the National Skate Patrol is to provide a service to people using skating areas by:

1. Distributing inline skate safety and education information to skaters.
2. Making skaters aware of park etiquette and local ordinances.
3. Communicating with the local authorities regarding injuries.
4. Providing on-site stopping instruction to those in need.
5. Promoting the safe use of areas for all participants. 

Skate Patrols are not designed to ticket skaters or pull users from trails, rather to monitor areas to make recreational activities more enjoyable for all. In emergency situations, patrollers are instructed to communicate with local authorities.

Administrative Structure

The National Skate Patrol (NSP) was a program of the International Inline Skating Association (IISA).
The program is currently being restructured and reformed as a private non-profit entity.


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