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Skating Books

There are dozens of excellent books on inline skating, from beginner "how to" books to manuals for advanced skaters.  For a complete listing of such books, we suggest you try  Other books we can recommend:

1st In-Line
by Mark Heeley
1996, 128 pp.
Full-color large format book with excellent illustrations of equipment, technique, and maintenance.

Fitness In-Line Skating
by Suzanne Nottingham
& Frank Fedel
1997, 176 pp.
48 different workouts grouped across six different training zones of increasing difficulty.

Get Rolling
by Liz Miller
1998, 139 pp
Expanded edition of one of the first inline how-to books. Now with photographs. 

In-Line Skating
by Mark Powell & John Svensson
1993, 127 pp.
Black-and-white photos, drawings, and text introduce the reader to all facets of inline skating.

In-Line Skating Basics
by Cam Millar
1996, 96 pp.
Plenty of step-by-step instructional color photographs geared towards the recreational skater.

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