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National Skate Patrol

The National Skate Patrol (NSP) is a network of proficient volunteers who help skaters to better coexist with cyclists, pedestrians and other park and trail users.  These red-shirted volunteers conduct free braking clinics, offer tips on skate etiquette, and otherwise assist new and experienced skaters alike. The National Skate Patrol was developed in 1992 by the New York Road Skaters Association (NYRSA) and IISA.

The mission of the National Skate Patrol is to provide a service to skaters using public skate ways, be they parks, trails, or roads. NSP volunteers provide free on-the-spot stopping instruction to skaters having difficulty skating under control. In addition, they distribute skate safety maps and work with the local police, parks departments, and skate retailers. Many are Certified Instructors and all encourage skaters to follow the IISA Rules of the Road.

There are NSP chapters in a number of major US cities.  For more information, please visit Please understand some of the chapters listed are no longer operating.

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