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Skate Camps & Clinics

Need to improve your skating skills?  There are a number of options for everyone from absolute beginners to advanced skaters to attend Skate Camps and Clinics.  Some of these are sort of traveling clinics that (you hope) will come to a city near you.  Others are set dates and held in tourist locations so that you can essentially arrange a vacation around learning to skate or improving your skills.  Following are a number of the well-known Camps and Clinics:


Camp Rollerblade

These camps, run by Zephyr Inline Skate Tours, are designed for beginner and advanced beginner skaters.  Even if you have never put skates on your feet before, Zephyr’s professional instructors will take you through the basics and help you learn the great sport of skating.  Camp Rollerblade is oriented towards adults but kids are welcome with a participating adult.

Experts in Speed

These workshops are also for advanced skaters. Run by Sebastian Baumgartner, these German-language workshops are held in several cities in Germany including Bonn, Frankfurt, and Hamburg.  Sebastian and his group also runs a “camp” in October on the island of Sardinia that includes lodging.


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