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Skate Festivals

Skate festivals are relatively new and yet a growing part of the Skate Travel world.  What a deal! You jump on a plane, travel to a fun city, and join hundreds or even thousands of other skaters for a weekend of fun.  Plus, not-for-profit local skate clubs often organize these, so the price is usually unbeatable.  A note of caution: most festivals are geared towards intermediate or better skaters.  Check out these major Skate Festivals.

Big Apple Roll, New York, New York (August)
This event provides a full weekend of activity.   Hosted by the Empire Skate Club of NY, this is a great weekend in one of the greatest inline skating cities.

Skater Migration, Miami Beach, Florida (February)
This event was started in 2001 as the Great ESkate and immediately impacted the world of skating festivals.  The event is organized extremely well and attracts about 300 skaters each year.  Over the three days of the event (Friday through Sunday), the festival generally includes two Friday Night Skates, a Friday party, a Saturday skate and picnic, a nightclub party, and two Sunday skates.  The organizers do a great job of working with the local government and police department and in obtaining sponsors.

Philly Free Skate, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (June)
This festival is the successor to the Philly Freedom Skate, originator of the skate festival concept in the United States.  Skates generally include a Friday Night Skate, recreational skates, and more advanced skates.  A host hotel and some meals are included.

Skate Boston, Boston, Massachusetts (July)
This skate weekend includes several different skates, lunches, snacks, and evening dance party, and an event t-shirt. The organizers arrange for a host hotel and invite skaters from around the world to participate. Skaters need to pre-register to attend.

Skate London, London, England (June)
This is London's biggest skate festival and includes a slalom cones contest (freestyle and speed), a high jump contest, and other events. It is also coordinated with the London Inline Marathon. For non-competitors, there is also inline hockey and a few beginner lessons.

Skate DC Weekend, Washington DC (May)
This event is organized by the Washington Area Rollerskaters and is a free weekend event!  Of course, that also means there will be "no
police escorts, no sag wagons, no goody-bags, and no water trucks" as the website says.  Because of the lack of extras, this skate is recommended for strong intermediate or advanced skaters only. The weekend generally includes a Friday night skate and post-skate party, two Saturday skates and a pizza party, two Sunday skates, and a Monday skate.  Check out the website for details including local hotel lodging.

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