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Skate Marathons

The running world has boomed, in part, because of the motivation provided by the 26.2-mile (42.2 kilometer) marathon-distance event.  Going from an arcane sport for only avid distance athletes in the 1970s, running marathons are now in almost every major city.  The largest events attract over 30,000 participants every year!

While skating has not equaled that success (yet), the marathon skating world is also on fire.  Fueled in large part by the Swiss Inline Cup, a series of skates in Switzerland open to recreational and racing skaters, marathons are now becoming more popular throughout the world.  In fact, the World Inline Cup was recently taken over by the organizers of the Swiss Inline Cup and now includes marathons in Europe, the United States, and South Korea.

Why are marathons so exciting? They provide a great motivation tool for you to get in shape.  They combine the excitement of a race among thousands of other skaters with, many times, a weekend of fun events.  They are an aspect of inline skating you should not miss!

For complete information on skating a marathon, see Registrants of the site can join a six-week online training program to prepare for a first marathon or skate a Personal Record. In addition, see our Events Directory.

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