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Ten Steps to Getting Great Skates

Step One: Determine your skating interests.
Step Two: Determine what you will spend.
Step Three: Learn about wheels and bearings
Step Four: Learn about the brakes.
Step Five: Learn about the boot.
Step Six: Learn about the frame.
Step Seven: Plan ahead
Step Eight: Gear Up! Take A Lesson
Step Nine: Buy your skates.
Step Ten: Have fun!

Your purchase of skates is extremely important, as it will have a large bearing on your success and enjoyment. Buying your first skates can be confusing and frustrating. The Inline Skating Resource Center is pleased to provide the information in this guide to make your inline equipment purchase a success.

There are many brands and types of skates from which to choose. They come in a wide range of prices and styles. However, all skates have certain basic features. Once you understand these features, you will be able to make an informed choice. You will also need to determine your particular interests. Inline skates can be used for hockey, freestyle skating, racing, fitness training, recreation, and aggressive skating. There
are models designed specifically for each of these activities. You will need to assess your interests, abilities and the level of activity to which you aspire.

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